The Pennsic War is an annual, 2-week long camping event of the SCA, and is attended by over 10,000 participants each year.

I have been the webmaster for this event since 2003 (with one year off in 2013). Each year I work with the volunteer staff members to organize the large volumes of information from the various departments. I have also created pages that relate the history of the event, a photo section, a FAQ for newcomers, and added articles on camping advice.

Over the years I have updated the design of the website several times. In 2012, I added a panoramic photo taken at the event by one of the attendees as a header, along with a navigation bar with drop-down menus, which contains all the website contents organized into 6 categories. This allows visitors to easily find links to register for activities, check schedules, prepare for the event, and look up information. I also added appropriate Medieval illustrations from the Manessa Codex to many of the pages.

In 2014, I reworked the site with "responsive" code, to present the information in a format tailored for visitors viewing the site on mobile phones and tablets. Depending on the size of the device the visitor is using, the header image, text, and search bar are adjusted, and the menu becomes a single button (which links to the abbreviated menu at the bottom of each page).

The responsive code is all handled through style sheets, so there does not need to be a separate "mobile" version of every page.

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