The Barony of Settmour Swamp is a local chapter of the SCA. I have been a member of the group since 1983.

I first created a website for the group in 1996, and continued to update and expand it until I turned the job over to my successor in 2005.

The site conveys a great deal of information:

Features on the main page include a Search button and the Site Map, which work via The front page gives today's date, and the current "Year of the Society" (1966 was year 1).

Most of the subpages on the site are "branded" with a standard left-hand column containing the group's arms and navigation links.

All subpages on the site have a top bar showing the "breadcrumb trail" that the user followed to get there. The user can click on any part of the trail to return to a previously viewed page.